Many families are having fewer children. Having even just one child can have a dramatic impact on the parents lives. Write about this impact in about 250 words. You can discuss the negative impact, the positive impact, or both.

After the baby is born, things will never be the same. People say that to expectant parents-and they are right!

It will be a long time before those parents can again sleep late in the morning. A baby wakes early, screaming for food. The toddler thinks 6 a.m. is the right time to start the day. After that comes early school mornings.

It will be years before the parents can go anywhere together on the spur of the moment. Every outing must be planned ahead so that a baby-sitter can be found. The budget will be stretched, the work load will get heavier, and by the time parents can be alone, they may be too tired to talk.